Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is Flavia, my family normally calls me "Fa" and my fiance calls me "Musa" it means, Muse in English although he keeps on changing every now and then. My passion for Fashion started by helping and giving suggestions to my friends when it comes to
shopping. Yes guys! I love going shopping, so I can tell my friends whats the new "IT" thing:-).

 So when my sister came to live in Houston/USA with me she couldn't stop taking about how I should share my ideas about fashion to the world that it would be a great way to help my friends and my clients in Angola!  Oops.. Did I've mention that I own a small boutique in Angola, I guess.. yes I do have one but  its so small hopefully one day it will become what I have in mind:-).  

So going back to my sis'  idea of the "blog" started like a normal conversation with my sister and before I could say yes! she was already taking pictures and the blog was online. I've been blessed to have a wonderful sister who takes my shots and a roommate who does my makeup when she has time:-). There is a lot of work on the blog, but luckily with the support of family, friends and of course "YOU" readers it makes everything so much easier.
 "  The fashion world is an endless Journey and I'm just getting started" 
I hope you all enjoy it.
From Cheap To Chik by Flavia Dos Santos
Thank you....  

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