Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pregnancy Diary Part I...

Hello everyone! I am back!!! You all must been wondering a lot of things, such as is she still blogging? or how is she posting baby's pics if we did not see her pregnant!
Today I decided to share my life's journey for the past six months, and to answer all the above questions " Yes" I'm still blogging, and was with a child. I wanted to share my pregnancy journey with you'll , but later on me and my partner decided that it was best to keep it us private as possible close friends and family only...Hope you all understand that!

 How I find out that I was with a child:  As I arrived from my Summer Holidays from Angola in August 2014 I thought the Jet lag was playing tricks of my body I would never guessed that I was pregnant. So I went out with the girls and we start talking about our bodies and thats when it hit me that I was feeling a little weird so I bought a pregnancy tests did three  of them one was negative and the other two errors. 
Few days later I still felt the Jet lag, the constant head aches and very sleepy so I decided to take another pregnancy and guess what "Positive".  It was one of the biggest surprises of my life and all I could think of was that it's not part of my plans not now,  and for a several reasons, 1. I am not married yet. 2. I still have a school semester  and 3. I am not ready to be a MOTHER YET!!! 
Yes guys you must be wondering what's wrong with this girl. Of course I was thinking like a girl not like a woman and my emotions where all over the place. 

 How I broke the news to Fiancee: After a lot of thinking, and crying for no apparent reason I decided to let fiancee know. So I took this very picture that you guys are seeing and sent him, which took me by surprise my his excitement:-) He was so happy that I felt terrible in letting him know what being pregnant that the very moment meant for me. Fiancee excitement and my sister and my roommate made all the difference in the world.  

Best Part of First Trimester: Hearing the baby's heart beat for the first time. Going to my Pilates classes twice a week.
Worse Part of the First Trimester: I was nauseated the whole time and tired too. All I wanted to do is being in my sofa all day  long, but also try to figure out ways to overcome those feelings and when would they  ever go away. 
First Trimester Food Cravings:  Frozen Yoghurt, plain yoghurt, red Apples, and pear

Best Part Second Trimester: Two things. 1. Finding out the baby's gender. 2. finally gaining back my energy.
Worse Part of Second Trimester:  My nausea, heartburns didn't seem to go away.  Trying to fit in some of my clothes.
Second Trimester Food Cravings: Frozen yoghurt, cinnamon roll late, red apples, pears and beer. 

Best Part Third Trimester: Finally finishing the nursery, getting closer to the due date and of course     feeling the baby kicks non-stop.

Worse Part of the Trimester: Heartburns,  no clothes to wear, lots of trips to the ladies room,  midnight snacks and  backaches.

Third Trimester Food Cravings: Pizza, soda, greek yoghurt with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

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