Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekend Wish List!!

Happy Friday guys! Santa must be confused by my wish lists there are so many... I love this time of
the year because I get choose tons of gifts and send hints to my fiancee what I want to get for Christmas LOL.
As you can see from this wish list  I'm just trying create the perfect festive season environment. The candles, plaid blanket, pillow and the movie is all about Christmas. I hope you all enjoy it

Dolce & GabbanaCandles
Martha Stewart: Blanket & Throw
Clelo Decorative: Pillow
Nars: Red
Love Actually: Here
Burberry: Fragrance
Baublebar:  Pearl 360 Studs
Ornaments: Here
Christmas: Sweater
Ray- Ban: Glasses
Coffee Mug: Here

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