Friday, November 28, 2014

December's Top Ten

Hello beautiful people! are you ready for Thanksgiving, I hope you all are. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday of the year but it also a good reminder of how close we are to Christmas.  Christmas decorations it always aspire me into new things and to balance old accomplishments and beginning  with new ones.
I'm all about casual fall fashion, which is why I love this December selections! I've got lots of fresh picks you'll want to live in all season. There is cool and cozy outwear and trend-but-versatile finds in the 3 key pieces for this fall. And if you are a boots girl like me don't miss the boots options for this season. I hope you all enjoy it

1. This Alexander Wang for H&M I still can't believe that the collection  was sold out in the very same day it was launched. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for available stock in the future. This boots are  my top style of the season. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a few of zara.com and Nordstrom.com great deals and varies of choices.

2. Coats is a must have in fall, I'm head heels for this particular Vivienne Westwood  coat is everything!!! Although its currently sold out, however doesn't change the fact of how badly still want it. 
3. I never paid attention to vintage accessories until a came across this Chanel Brooch, its so unique and its a must-have for any outfit. In case you need some tips on how to diversify on your looks check (HERE) 

4.  You know a thing or two about me and purses hey! I happened to pay a very close attention to it on my outfits, however is also a passion of mine to have as more options as I possibly can. Getting the right purse not only enhances woman's femininity, but also  adds that personal touch and uniqueness to outfits. So this Valentino shoulder bag  is definitely something that you will want to have in you closet not only for this Fall but for future seasons to come.  

5.  Thanksgiving was just yesterday and looking forward to Christmas is definitely in our plans. Plaid is so perfect on clothes, however in home decoration can look just as good, especially at this time of the year.

6.  Bubble baths and candles is always a good ideal after a long and stressful day. During this time of the year people are always rushing not only you have deal with the climate unpredictability there is traffic adding its toll. Bath & Body Works provides a variety of products to help you relax after a stressful day.

7.  Getting my nails done is just as important as doing my hair. I never had a favorite color to paint my toes until this past few weeks when I found my perfect match. This Apple red nail polish is one of those things I can't get enough of. And you can't never go wrong on red.

8.  Christmas decoration always brings a creative side in me, so when it comes to the little details they are just as important. Back home my Mom always customizes the metallic ball ornaments by having our names written each one of them.

9. In life regardless of my fashion choices I'm always open to new ideas, I call it  "room for improvement". So in my room for improvement for this month choice are Hats, for some unidentified reason I grow fond of it, although I haven't made a post about it but I'm pretty sure it will happen sooner then you guys think.

10. You all probably notice that I don't have a N.10 on display, the reason why is that I want to leave you with one of my golden rules.
" Be a life long learner. Learn new topics. Take up new hobbies. Revisit a subject you thought you learned in school. You will be amazed at what you don't know and what the world holds in store."

I thank you all for the continues support!!

Flavia Dos Santos

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