Saturday, September 20, 2014

September To Ten!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week and are having a great month so far. Talking about the month have you picked your ten must- haves or do for this month! If you haven't there is still  time to do a few of them; I know that I'm pretty far behind on this month top choices, but you can always leave some for the following month.  
I hope you all enjoy it.

1. A few weeks back I went to visit two Antiques stores with my friend, and I was amazed with the unique pieces, from nice chaise long sofa, to the classic chandeliers, overall, I love for redecorating . It doesn't have to be much as long I change something here and there its all in the details. New Season new details there is plenty to choose from so my number one on this September list is a nice sofa.

2. Trench coat, are a must in every girls closet plus, its a classic and modern can  be worn anytime of the year.

3. If you follow on me INSTAGRAM you probably know that this Studded patent pumps are in the house phew... I wanted a late birthday gift or an early Christmas present LOL... 

4. Plaid is definitely is here to stay so grab as much pieces as you can from shirts, to pants and of course, a skirt to make this season statement. Try pairing your trendy plaid with jeans, dresses and blazer. The timeless print looks fresh on the moment silhouettes from crop tops to moto jackets. Pair it with black and white extras to keep the look chic.

5.  As soon as I arrived in Houston I paid a little visit to the local Container Store, and I just couldn't get enough of those little details and this Multi Graphic Card Pouch it one of those things that will look good anywhere around your home.

6. A fun styling trick like bright extras, enough with the oversized bags with this Charlotte Olympia Perspex clutch you can ditch your oversized bags from time to time.  I'm not  talking about this particular clutch but the whole Fall 14 collection its so cute and a little pricy though , but I found an option HERE.

7. Fall is almost here yes! guys almost Houston is still in 90F it is so hard to predict when we can light up that fire.

8. To look naturally gorgeous, you have to find the right lipstick from NARS in just about in any color for every outfit. 

9. ContainerStore has just about everything to organize your wardrobe and those acrylic Cosmetic Organizers are a must! I didn't know how much I needed it until I got them plus, you can get it in any shape and size .

10. You all know that I love a changing my nails color its plays a big part when its comes to 

Thank you
Flavia Dos Santos

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