Friday, September 26, 2014

Beauty Talk!!!

Hello everyone! Its lipstick season again, we play with dark shades to the brightest one to send that statement signature of our look.
For ladies who are shy in trying big and outstanding colors, stick to light pink, beige, nude and cherry red so that you are you safe zone but still send the statement on your outfits.
However, the ladies who can pull it off in about any color like, Rihanna and Lorde thumps up because they do a wonderful job. 

So this Season stick to what you know, but in case you want to try something new, look for tutorials on Youtube of celebrities on How to. look for one who's skin tone is closer to yours and try to do the same makeup it work guys and if doesn't you can always go back to what you feel comfortable with.
For those some of us who enjoy a more natural look stick to Nude Lips, this look is like the beauty equivalent of your favorite skinny jeans! You can dress it up or down and its easy to pull off.
Find your perfect nude: The goal is to tone down your lips but still have a hint of color. Always consider your natural lip color, but generally peach tones flatter fair skin, caramel looks good on median skin and golden brown works on dark skin.
Keep the look flesh: Opt for creamy, glossy balmy textures wit sheen. Matte formulas look cool on runway but are tricky to pull off on real life.
Whatever is you skin and lips story, there is always a match for it not just form light to dark, but warm to neutral to cool.

I hope you enjoy it

Thank you
Flavia dos Santos 

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