Friday, August 1, 2014

August's Top Ten!!!

Happy 1st of August everyone! I hope you were able to accomplish what you intended in the 
previous month but in case you didn't, August is certainly here as a second chance to try harder or to look into different goals.
 Both June and July were an exciting and busy months for me; preparing for my trip, doing some personal shopping for a few clients therefore,  not enough time to research for our  July's Top Ten.
Fall is just around the corner and there is so much to be done this Summer so many memories to be made so I've made a few selections that been in my mind for the the past month and dying to share it.
 I hope you all enjoy it.

1. RoofTops: good friends or a hot date spending warm or cool evenings rooftops are the best. I've  been in one recently in my trip to Lubango/Huila, it was the best part of my day there, shame I didn't take any pictures. With an incredible views in city. Friday after work with co-workers you are looking for an endless evening with lots of fun.

2. Accessorizing: I love accessorizing and these beauties definitely are my thing:-) I came across this Tory Burch stackable rings and they should be part of your outfit details. We all know that "its all about the details".

3. Hardcore Pilates: Lately, I've been a little bord with my workout routine and been on/off with my schedule. So I decided to do some research on what would be my next challenge:-) or how could I re-event myself into something fresh and new to my weekly workout routine. I love doing weights, but I don't stretch enough and that has been hurting my back and knees due to excessive weight. On Tuesday I went to do my nails at "Maison BH", while I was sitting my posture was really bad and one of the instructor saw me. She kindly greeted me and told me "if I keep and sitting up with that kind posture I would hurt my back" and Hardcore Pilates  can help rectify that. After, 15 minutes of a really good chat with the instructor later, showed me their studio; And just like that I was hooked so this Fall I'll be doing Pilates twice a week.

4. Fruits:  are already part of my daily diet (specially berries) and it should be yours as well. A few weeks ago I read an article (sorry for not sharing the link) that states that we should eat our berries everyday. I know that a lot of you must have known that information for a while but, in that article it really specified what are the benefits of eating berries on daily bases, hopefully If come across the article again I'll share it.

5. Givenchy Antigona:  I did a little damage in my bank account for this beauty I couldn't resist it. You properly have seen me wearing mine in the last few posts. Its bright, its fresh and goes with most of my outfits in other words, it is worth every penny. LOL

6. Globe- Trotter Cruise 30": Extra deep suitcase with wheel is my new obsession these with cases really take us back to the 1950s that classic finish touch with a more modernized way that every lady should crave for.

7. Sophia Webster: Electra laser cut patent sandals, Farfetch has the best sale ever ladies don't think twice just get it and think of it as an early Bday gift and you deserve it.LoL

8. Colorful Nails: I am always having fun when I do my nails from its colors to its shapes whether its pointy or square I'll make classy enough to blend into my accessorizing style. So ladies don't be afraid to use all the nail polishes out their.

9. MaxiDress: A few years back when blogging wasn't even part of any of my plans, maxi dress was my Sunday go to outfit. I had in very color but, I remember that green ones were my favorites. Years later maxi dress made it  to the runaway and it's must keep and key item in every girl's closet. Maxi dress are seosonless and versatile day/night it will look flawless with the right details.

10. "Have a Glass of Wine" during the month of August try to have a glass of wine with a bowl of popcorn, I usually do it on Sundays; Its my Sunday therapy while watching my favorite movies.

Thank you for stopping by

Flavia dos Santos

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