Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Passeio ao Lubango!!!

Hello everyone! You'll must be wondering when will those pics from her trip will end? As matter of
 fact so am I.  I didn't realize how long I stayed in Namibe until, I started browsing through the pics.  Just to answer your question regarding the pics "not long".
While in Namibe we decided to visit Lubango/Huila a province 2hrs away from the city of Namibe for a day it was a last minute thing. 
 Fiancee grow up in Lubango/Huila, so he really I wanted me to visit and get some idea of all the stories he told me about the city. Even though a day wasn't enough, but it was definitely worth it I've visit the most extraordinary places the Fenda da Tundavala, Cristo Rei  and  Serra da Leba.
So whats you favorite?

Serra da Leba

Fenda da  Tundavala

Cristo Rei

Serra da Leba

Thank you for always stopping by
Flavia Dos Santos

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