Saturday, May 31, 2014

June's Top Ten!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all doing well and are ready for my can't miss roundup of easy ideas to
inspire you for the month of June. I know that I'm a little behind on the article, but the L word (laziness) has recently taken over my body even in my writing ...Lol
There are so many things I love about Summer, in this month article see a little be of everything; from the right Tote and Backpacks to finding cool Pjs for all budgets + little scoop on my beauty secrets weapons,  not leaving out our must have hat for a finish touch on outfit. A cool night out with friends and finally, vacations guide with a loved one.

1. What's in your beach bag? Ladies Summer is about relaxing but its also the busiest time of the year to plan  your vacation style guide! Aside from sun-care products I always have lip glass by Mac and my "Lacome" Miracle perfume. It clips on my bag for when I want to quickly freshen up.  So ladies get your Beach bag I have a few options HEREHERE love this HERE.

2. In case your are not into Tote try backpacks they are so cute and you can style in so many different ways like this HEREHEREHERE and HERE.  Its definitely something you want to be wearing this Season they are few pricey ones but I was able to find some that are affordable HERE and HERE.

3. Recently I was browsing through Victoria's Secret and I came across the cutest PJs ever so I decided to renew my sleep wears. In case you think its over your budget here few options HERE, they are just as cute ladies.

4. With any Summer outfit a hat is a fresh finishing touch, If you are planning to spend those beautiful warm Summer days outdoors you should have a hat or plan to get so here are few places that you can get it Forever21 , Nordstrom.

5. Super stylish headphones -you won't believe the sound quality for such an affordable price. For cool tech finds go to Amazon.

6. Around this time of the year I tend to change my beauty essentials; due to the temperature changes, I normally change my foundation and moisturizer to something that controls oily skin. My skin is very oily and during Summer it only gets worse. I know that some of you can relate to it; this little secret I've learned from an old friend of mine. So ladies don't be afraid to change you Beauty products when changing season specially in Summer.

7. Me and my girlfriends been dying to book a reservation in this Karaoke place for this past year and its always fully booked so this month its a must on our to do list. Karaoke is the new it thing for this Season with a group of 5-7 people there is no way you won't have a good time. 

8. Flats! Are cool and versatile with shorts, pants or skirt. You all must have noticed that I'm no fan of flats, but lately I have to admit that I came across a few there I consider it a must have for any girls wardrobe. These Kate Spade are definitely a keeper for any occasion.

9. Plan a little get way with a significant other. I'm planning one and I'll be sharing a few tips on what to pack and which destinations that are affordable at this time of the year.  

10. I know that some of you don't stay hydrated enough so for those who are not into water try eating fruits are high in liquid in these case try water melons, its sweet and it kills those terrible cravings.

Thank you for stopping by
Flavia Dos Santos

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