Thursday, May 15, 2014

Black & White

Greetings my fellow readers! How is your week so far? I hope you all had a week better than

mine..pheww  I was basically dragging myself through the week it was only Monday and I was already looking forward to Friday. I couldn't  wait until it was over, so that I could go back to my regular life exercising, blogging and vacations ohh yes guys! I am going home for my Summer holidays and hopefully there will be a Bazaar in Luanda/Angola so ladies beware. All of my outfits will be for sale at the Bazaar... I'm selling all of my clothes and please do not ask about my shoes and bags cause you all know the answer to it "NO" LOL those one are my babies, stay tuned ladies and I'll be writing in Portuguese as well. 

photographed by: Elly Dos Santos

 I was wearing:
Asos: Pants HERE, Top:HERE
Aldo: Shoes (old) OPTION
Chanel: Clutch Options

Thanks for stopping by
Flavia Dos Santos


  1. great post! how about follow each other on gfc, facebook, instagram, bloglovin, lookbook and others ??
    Let me know on my blog and I follow you back

  2. Darling, I ain't mad at your shoes.

  3. super stylish!

  4. Très jolie j'aime beaucoup ton look.


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