Sunday, March 30, 2014

April's Top Ten...

  1. There is no better way to get into your Spring spirit than getting those fresh flowers from the
    local the market! Last Sunday I've posted on INSTRAGRAM a jar full of roses that were
    given to us at the "Jornada Marco Mulher, it felt great.
  2. I am always on PINTEREST to get new ideas on smoothies,workouts and desert recipes yummy:-). I don't bake often most of the time my sister does it and I will just tag along. So getting a new baking mixer might inspire your and its stress free:-).
  3. "Download" new workout songs guys, it helps you with the mood swings and there are many good songs out there. If your playlist is still the same one from last year then you definitely need a good upgrade there is nothing with the old one, but there is no harm in changing once a while.
  4. Bucket bag is my new obsession:-? HERE its cute and convenient for me, although I am not getting one this month but, I definitely will anytime soon.
  5.  Guys say yes to fruits! I'm no health expert, but I know that Summer is just around the corner and the only way to be ready for it is eating clean so you can get lean, and adding some exercises to it and you are good to go! If you don't like certain fruits learn how to make smoothies or proteins shakes PINTEREST has lots of recipes and you get to learn more about your proteins. 
  6. So Spring is finally here, we've seen the hues of pastels, the chunky accessories, and now the colorful scarves which are great for any casual outfit especially in a laid back kind of day.
  7. ohh Pink, purple, blue, red velvet!!!! A few days ago I went to Mac Cosmetics Store, and I just couldn't resist the lipsticks color choices one cuter than the other, so ladies this month we are going lipstick shopping:-).
  8. I am  jeans fanatic and whenever I am on the go Jeans are my number one choice, so ladies you can never have too many. Currently my favorite type are BOYJEANS I can't get enough of it you might have notice that already if you follow me on Instagram.
  9. I say... hydrate!hydrate!hydrate with the changes of the Season some days it still feels like Winter and others like Spring you don't want to catch any cold so water really helps, I always carry a bottle of water in my purse its a must for me. And if you don't like plain water try with slices of lemon or mint leaves it really nice  you get to activate your metabolism.
  10. Last Summer my mom decorated my room all white for a moment I thought it was her mojo to get me to like  white the same way she does. Honestly I get it now, it worked and I don't want any other color of sheets in my bed. So guys do try it will change your mood your get to wake up feeling like a princess.:-)
I hope you all enjoy it.
Thank You
Flavia Dos Santos

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