Monday, February 10, 2014

The Classic Pants

Happy Monday everyone! I am back...:-) wow its has been a while. Last week was so cold in
Houston guys that I didn't even get to do weekly workout schedule, so on Saturday was quiet warm and I decided to hit the gym wow I think I over did it guys I wake up feeling so sore the day after.  
Anyways don't you just love these pants, wow I'm officially an african prints lover no questions about that! A few weeks back I've paid a little visit to my tailor, and as usual I wanted something different for Valentines's day. But after browsing through my Ipad looking for "The dress"  I've decided to do a high waist pants to match with my peplum (Here). Although I wanted to wear the whole outfit, but I just couldn't let the details of this pants to go unnoticed. I hope you  enjoy it and have a wonderful week.
Thank you

 I was wearing:
Zara: Coat  (option)
DKNY: Shirt
Chanel: Boy Clutch
Panst: My own (She-lia)
Christian Louboutin: Heels 

1 comment :

  1. You look amazing! Love this outfit.



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