Friday, February 21, 2014

My March Top 10

Hello everyone!  How you all doing? Every Month I start with my top 10 do list however, it will be
my very first time sharing with you.... 
1.  Ladies change your workout routine instead of being indoors all the time try inviting your friends for a run on the park, you can make it at least once a week; you get to gossip while burning calories.:-)

2.  Try low calories drinks when out with friends; studies have shown that you tend to drink or eat more among friends so go light and be the first to order that way you will be a leader not a follower.

3.  Buy quality not quantity,  I've read many reviews about Nars makeup palette and it one of the best so try to refresh your makeup tips.

4.  Ladies.. I don't leave my house without my iPad its "MUST" in my purse  neither should you!:-)

5.  Full skirts are to most talked about trend of the Season you should have one in your closet, colors don't matter as long you have it. It is so convenient you can wear it casually and business wise try this HERE and HERE.

6.  This new Beat by Dre headsets are so cool its under my radar and it very useful if you are going for a run.

7.  I don't know about you, but I like to keep up with all my Fashion scoops, I'm always looking forward to see the latest trends specially at this time of the Season ; :-) You get new ideas on when, how and what to shop wisely and refresh your closet just in time.

8. Save, save and save!!!!! Its not easy but it can be done, I personally don't make very good calls when it comes to saving, but I'm working on it and I know there are a lot of you can relate to that.

9.  Redecorate your favorite spot at home, believe or not my favorite spot in my home, looks like the one on the pic but, it happens to have a red sofa. It is where I sit when I want to think, meditate and make posts on the blog and is where I happen to be sitting writing this post. 

10. Saving the best for last, I love buying accessories and happen to have plenty of it. Cuff earrings are so cute and should be part of anyones wardrobe.

I Hope you all enjoy.
Thank you
Flavia Dos Santos 

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