Monday, November 4, 2013

Fabric Patterns Remix...

 Greetings my fellow readers! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This weekend I was able to manage my time
wisely indeed :-) I did a little bit of everything such as catch with my assignments, update my wardrobe in other words "shopping", and finally take pictures yes!.checked mission accomplished.
A few weeks ago I've posted this skirt on "Instagram" and I was so anxious to wear it, but ended up placing it somewhere in my closet and I forgot about it; until Saturday evening when my Mom reminded me about it...oops.This skirt is a show stopper guys I heard so many compliments even from eight year old it was amazing. I bought the fabric in Luanda/Angola in a local store close to my home, this fabric only cost me $10.The prints on the fabric is breath taking so as soon I've arrived in Houston I headed straight to my tailor. I still can't describe the feeling when I walked in the restaurant yesterday wow. It made my day guys:-). I hope you all enjoy it.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week.

 I was wearing:
Thomas Pink: Shirt
My own skirt
Chanel: Lego Clutch
Christian Louboutin: Bis un Bout


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