Thursday, August 1, 2013

My City...

 Happy Thursday guys!How you all doing?I hope you all doing great and are having a lovely week. It has been a  while guys, I've missed you did you all miss me? Finally, my sister and I decided to take pics outdoors, normally we take it before leaving the
house, but yesterday we thought that you all need a hint of the streets of Luanda/Angola. My vacation is almost coming to an end you can't imagine how sad that make me feels :-(. Leaving the sadness behind, lets talk about this Aldo black and white wedges, it played a major part in this outfit, it makes it look casual, elegant and most of all Chik! I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you 

 I was wearing: 
Zara: Shirt and Denim skirt
Aldo: Sunglasses, earrings and Wedges
Hermes: Bag

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