Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Black

Hello fellow readers! Ready for Fall yet? I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for Fall, I can't take the heat anymore :-( I'm anxious to show off my Fall wardrobe. By the way have checked the Zara 2013 Fall collection ..Speechless...:-? It s a girls dream closet. With that said, on Friday I ran on a
few errant around Houston. Later my sister, Jamila and I decided to grab a bite at this great Sea Food Restaurant called "Pappadeaux". We were starving they are so quick in our orders that before we could finish their popular "Garlic" bread entry our plates were ready..wow... humm that's the kind of service everyone wants, and our meals were great.  
 Black is the easiest color to wear these days specially because its so in. Since, rushing is my specialty so I just grabbed the easiest pieces in my closet and the black is very straight forward to me. I hope you all enjoy it
Thank you

 I was wearing:
Calvin Klein: T-shirt
Zara: Pants
Zara: Heels
Gucci: Bag
Aldo: Eyewear 


  1. so cute look and good food


  2. Gorgeous look! Love the heels and the food looks delicious!



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