Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Engagement... The best is yet to come :-).

 Happy Thursday everyone! I few weeks ago I've mentioned about something big and important in my life here it is my engagement guys. I know that I've never talked about my love life, I'm very private about that most of the time not always. I've been dating Cristiano for the past 6 years and we decided to get engaged 6 months ago so you all know why I've been so absent lately due, to all the
preparations,  I did not have any time for the blog. So lets talk about good part  my "Sari" I am speechless..WOW guys I love everything about this outfit I bought it a month ago in this Sari place with the help of my Mom, Dad and my sisters. They all loved it ..Actually who didn't!  I wanted so bad to wear an African print dress, but the was no time :-(! So here is the engagement pics guys there are so many but i can't post all 500 of them! I hope you all enjoy it
Thank You


  1. What an incredibly beautiful couple you two are. I wish you much joy in your marriage and great love.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous just like your dress! I wish you both all of the best!


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