Monday, April 29, 2013


 Hello Guys! How you all doing? I hope you are doing fine and had a lovely weekend. I spend most of my weekend indoors catching up with some of my school work. Last Friday I went shopping with my sis, and she is the one that picked this outfit, She saw me wearing these sweatpants at home several times and most of the times that I wore it, she would ask me "Why don't you make a post in these pants, its so it thing now." So on Friday I told her that she could pick anything for me to wear and she remembered "the Sweatpants". So what are you thoughts on the sweatpants guys? I hope you all enjoy it
Thank you

Forever21: Sweater
Zara: Sweatpants
Aldo: Shoes
Calvin Klein: Watch
Aldo: SunGlasses
Charming Charlie: Accessories


  1. i love your blog and style too...definately not the last time im coming here..........
    here's my blog link if u'd like to check it out

    1. Thank you so much for passing by, and will return the favor.

  2. your outfit is so pretty :) great pants!


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