Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fabric on Sandals

 Hello Everyone!  Well, almost! who doesn't get excited thinking about the first day you can go outside without a jacket, the longer hours of sunshine, and those first spring flowers. But, unfortunately it won't happen any soon in Houston... For now we all have to deal with the few last vestiges of winter and that is me in this outfit. My sister and I are always coming up with ideas for something old..new and unique. A few weeks ago my Mom sent me those fabrics that I've used make  my dress, peplum, and shorts. I wanted to use to cover some of my old shoes but, honestly I didn't think it would work. So last Saturday Elly and I were in a great mood and decided to cover some my old shoes, she picked up these sandals and I thought she was going to destroy it:-(. The parts that you are seeing that has colors its all fabric and the actual color of the sandals is black. I love it guys, What you guys think? I hope you all enjoy it
Thank you

I was wearing:
Prada Coat
Zara Leggings
Hermes Clutch
Joey's Sandals


  1. amazing look doll xoxo

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  2. ohhh great work you did with those sandals!!! always colorful! love it!


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