Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Early Bird

Happy Super Bowl day fellow readers, I hope you enjoyed your weekend:-). Today on our way to church my sister decided to takes a few pictures but, We forgot the camera at home so she decided to use my cellphone and turn out great... I love my new phone :-).. Throughout the week all I heard on the radio and TV was the Super Bowl Sunday. I've been living in USA for almost three years and haven't had the chance to watch it, so today I finally have the chance. In today look I decided to go with less is more, a nice black dress simple and casual with a nice medium size heels for any regular day, and a final touch of the red coat to add color to the whole outfit... I hope you all enjoy...Thank you for passing by

I was wearing:
Old Navy: Coat
Burberry: Dress
Gucci: Bag
Aldo: Shoes

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