Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Amazon Look

 Hello Everyone! I am sure that some of you are probably wondering why I've named this outfit " The Amazon Look".. But that is what came across my mind when I bought :-) I love the prints on it and a lot of people seem to warm up to it on Instagram and Facebook, Yes guys! you are missing out :-(...  I normally post one or two pics just to give a hints of what I will posting on the blog. So for those of you who want follow me on Facebook  I go by Flavia Cheaptochik and  Instagram as Cheaptochic please do join me or you can just "LIKE" my page also on Facebook: From Cheap To Chik. I wissh you all the best . Thanks for passing by

I was wearing:
Forever21: Top & Legging
Hermes: Bag
Steve Madden: Shoes
Charming Charlie : Accessories 


  1. Great look and blog. Lets follow each other?

  2. Thank you for visit my blog. I'm now following you. Kisses dear.


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