Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Street Colorful

 Hello Everyone!  I hope you are doing well... I wore this outfit the other day, since I'm so into colors lately so I decided to use it in a more sophisticated way. It is the second time I've wear this jacket, the first time you all can remember because it is at the front cover of the page. So I decided to wear this time, with pants to see how versatile it can be. In this outfit I was going more for casual than formal look. We all know that yellow can cause an impact, so the jacket with the pants, was to cause a bigger one, adding the sparkling pumps that goes with just about anything and a final touch with the ring a way of saying not so formal after all the bag it is a must do thing in most of my looks :-). I hope you all enjoy it.
Thank you

Zara: Jacket
Zara: Pants
Gucci: Bag
Aldo: Pumps
Charming Charlie: Accessories


  1. Flavia, you're very colorful here. The yellow pants really stand out apart from the many colorful cues expressed here. I like the jacket and the pumps.


    1. Hy john thank you so much for comments I really appreciate it. You seem to understand so much about color perhaps e few suggestion! :-)

  2. Amazing look! Kisses.

  3. wow Great Outfit.. I love the jacket.. You have a really great blog, I invite you to see my blog and if you like it we can follow each other ? .. xoxo

  4. Great outfit!!!



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