Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Animal Print

 Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week :-)... For those of you who did not watch Grammy you've missed big time.. I had so many inspirations from a lot of female artists:-) on Sunday! I loved those Dresses :-).... It has been a while since I've taken these pictures, its has been raining almost everyday in Houston as a matter of fact, I did get my hair a little wet while taking these photos:-(  and all I could think of  was my "Hair" not the outfit! It was a hustle for me to undo those curls as always I am here:-)! and my hair did survive. Now lets talk about what brought you here...  Since, you all know that animal print it seems to be an endless fever in the fashion world so I thought why not! I love everything about this outfit from the bag to the, skirt and the sandals. I've realized the less time I spend preparing for an outfit the better it looks. In this outfit I did not over think I  just did it. The shirt was a gift from my Mom, the skirt I got at H&M on sale:-) I've had it for a while but I did not had the chance to wear it. Animal print shirt and sandals was already too much, so I've added a white bag just to soften the look a little.. Final touch with the bracelets because accessorizing its a must do these days. I hope you all enjoy it. 
Thank You

Zara: Shirt
H&M: Skirt
Forever21: Sandals
Gucci: Bag
Forever21: Bracelets 


  1. but how cute this your look and are very very good! really! you want to come with me and follow me I'll be happy I'll leave my link http://annalisamasella.blogspot.it/ You can also find me on facebook, bloglovin, instagram

    1. Hy Annalisa! It would my pleasure following you.. and thank you for passing by:-)
      You can like my page in Facebook "From Cheap To Chik"



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