Monday, January 28, 2013

The Green Jacket...

 Hy guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. As for myself a had the most relaxing weekend ever, I have already told you about my Friday:-). So on Saturday my sister and I worked in a few ideas regarding my outfits and the blog then she baked a cake, yammy! On Sunday I went to church:-) Amen! to me guys, it has been a while since, the last time I've been to church that's why I am so happy. Later on I set on the sofa to study but, it did not happened I was too busy watching movies such as The Lord of the Ring, then  The Batman one of my favorites and finally a very nice romance/comedy "He is not that into you"..Right guys! I was too distracted to Study:-( With all that being said, lets talk about the outfit, you all know that sometimes I like to stick to the basics so if the clothes are casual or simple I always try put a nice pair of heels that helps the outfit stand out. For me is what you see is what you get... I hope you all enjoy it...
Thank you

Zara: Jacket
Zara: Skirt
Christian Louboutin: Shoes
Forever21: Accessories
Hermes: Bag

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