Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Little Kitty Cat Suit

Hello everyone...Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. Today I've spent my day preparing for my final exams:-)... It was a very smooth day. Now lets talk about the outfit, as you have noticed I've been wearing a lot of dots, animal print and floral prints and I did not expect to hear a lot of positive feedback about it because, I don't really like to get out of my comfort zone. Is not that I don't like it, I just think it looks better on others. In contrary, people loved seeing me wearing it, and are asking for more it. For a moment I was shocked and pleased at the same time because, my sister and I would agree and disagree on that. So two weeks ago I was doing some shopping online and I came across the Little Kitty Cat Suit . I couldn't resist it. So I showed my sister and she told me " you are learning to love it"  and all i could say to her is "I gotta have this" She  looked at me like I was going crazy. :-). So yesterday while taking the pictures all she could say is that she loves the Little Suit and I've made it work. I hope you all enjoy it. 
Thank you for passing By

Makeup by
Jamila Duarte

Photography by
Elly Dos Santos
Forever21 Top
Forever21 Short
Charming and Charlie Necklace
Charming and Charlie Bracelet 
LolaShoetique Wedges

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