Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello Fellow Readers, how is you week so far? I hope you all are doing well... Unfortunately, I've started the week with this terrible flu... After spending two whole days in bed :-(  all I could think of is how glad I am for taking these pictures on Saturday because, I wouldn't be able to wear this dress,nor yesterday or today's weather:-) its freezing in Houston... I am also glad that I will be leaving the country within few days and going to a warmer place... I know that Houston's weather is unpredictable and can change any time but, the past two days in bed were awful all I could think of is how badly I've miss the sun. Despite of, my terrible flu and the weather it did not stop me from making this new post of course!:-) I bought this dress a last Friday, the first time I saw it in Style Watch magazine, I like it but I could not remember which store was it from. Since, I have started shopping for my BazAar, I'm out most time and I always come across things that I saw in my fashion magazines. So when I saw this dress I just grabbed it. First, I wanted to surprise the ladies @BazaAr but, I couldn't resist keeping it from them so here it is. I hope you all enjoy it

I was wearing:
Forever21 Dress
Aldo Clutch
JCPenney Pumps
Charming and Charlie Necklace
Charming and Charlie Bracelet

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