Friday, December 28, 2012

Peaceful Room...

 Hello everyone, I hope you all doing well and are ready for 2013:-)... Yes, another year has gone by, for some of us it has been one battle after the other, for others it has been gain and losses but, I am sure we all have experience those feelings once in our lives... I've taken these pictures in my Moms' favorite room in the house she calls it Peaceful Room, the reason why is that she is a very spiritual person and she always believed that there must be a place in a home that you can meditate in,after a very stressful or hard day. She decorated herself and has picked every piece of furniture in this room:-) and every item represents something to my Mom. So I couldn't think of a better place to take these pictures, new year's party is not only about celebrating what is about to come but, is also a time of reflection of our own doing..
Thank you

I was wearing:
Asos Dress
Aldo Shoes
Micheal Kors Watch
Charming and Charlie Bracelet
Forever21 Earrings


  1. que bonito tu blog,y este post es genial! visita el mio caundo quieras ;) feliz navidad! http://whattowear-quemepongo.blogspot.com.es/

    1. Thank you ... and will visit your blog..Lets follow each other..

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  3. I love the quietly understated, almost angelic, femininity of this look. But with this discreet dash of 'wow' from the neon pumps.
    So beautiful.


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