Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Pink Outfit

Good Day everyone... I hope you all  are having a wonderful week... I am having a very busy week as usual :-( but, at this point I should've been used to it already...In fact, it is good being busy and it keeps you in the game. But at this time of the year everyone is rushing through everything, getting presents, Christmas plans and due dates  on assignments at work or school...  like myself ...I've  procrastinated some of my assignments and now I am paying the price..But there is nothing i can't handle:-).. Yes guys that was me sharing a little of my frustrations .With that being said,lets discuss a little about the new post, don't you just love this skirt? It has a very unique cut I love it. While I was taking those photos I couldn't help in checking if  I was showing more than I should:-). The skirt is very comfortable I was a little overwhelmed about being so short. I bought both skirt and the shoes back in February. At the time my sisters were here in Houston on vacation, we did so much shopping and the two of them left the city with nine Luggage.. Not kidding nine! So while I was taking them around would get something here and something there. As a result, I left with a pile of clothes and some still have tags on it...It is my first time wearing it...I think it was worth the wait, I really like the way it looks and those heels make my legs seem longer than they are who doesn't want that:-).  I hope you all enjoy it .Thank you

Calvin Klein Shirt
Zara Skirt
Steve Madden  Shoes
Charlotte Russe Earings
Charlotte Russe Ring 

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