Thursday, November 8, 2012

Venus... Christian Louboutin ...

                      Happy Thursday everyone, i hope you all had a great day ... Today i was really lazy to get off my bed and it wasn't even cold:-( i wonder why . But i was able to shake it off and put a nice dress that bought almost a year ago and never wore it.. i was so amazed when i came across it. i've completely forgot about this dress or probably i never come across it before because it wasn't the right moment to wear it until today...Lazy day but i was able still put it off... And looks good... What do you think?.... Have a good one!

Venus Dress
Channel Sunglasses
Christian Louboutin Shoes
A'Gaci Necklace
Aldo Ring
Forever21 Earings


  1. oi, filha td bem. estas a ser cruel, gostei dos sapatos nao sao muito altos. posta macacao o fim para o fim do ano bj, tia dith

    1. Oi tia eu ainda nao fiz o photoshoot pra fim d ano ..mas ja ja veras td ate vais asustar..bjs


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