Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today´s theme is about being Unique... From ages 2~9 my mom would call me "Ùnica" translating in english means only one . My dad would be mad at my mom because i  had a brother and a sister already. But know thinking back she knew better... Only now i´ve added two more theme when it comes to fashion. I was a little different when maybe too quiet and the only way that i would express myself was by dressing up all the time. After a while i discovered tthat the word i was looking for in english for what my mom was calling meant Unique not the only one. And i decide to add two more word to my theme is Be original, Be Individual.... In fashion is no different just because someone is wearing something that looks good on them or see something in a magazine and it looks good doesnt´t mean necessarily will on you:-( you can use other as an inspiration to dress better or for an improvement, but don't identify yourself in others just because they look good in an outfit.. Fashion world can be brutal to  those who are still trying to find they way in it. So Be original, Be an individual but most of all Be unique because thats what makes fashion so interesting...
 Thank you

A´gaci Dress
Aldo Sandals
Buckle Necklace
Forever21 Bag and Blazer

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